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apply conditions

1, Familiar with hoisting machinery products, have a deeper understanding of the hoisting machinery operation and the market situation in region.

2, The applicant work three years in the of hoisting machinery sales business and can realize the to the company's annual sales target region products independently.

3, Have mature and stable team (not less than five people) and the area perfect sales network.

4, Have a good reputation, and is related to the local administrative department to establish a good business relationship.

5, Have a fixed place of business, independent business license, complete office conditions, a certain amount of spare parts to the company's products.

6, Have strong ability of after-sales service. Have the ability of maintenance ability and general quality accidents have judgment and handling ability for normal product.

7, Have strong financial strength. Independently complete the registration, and selling products of money.

8, In the area has the stable customer, the sales target to achieve 300000 Yuan of above.

9,Last year's operating performance, credit level leader priority registration in the region.

Comply with the above conditions, eligible to apply for sales department.

apply procedure

1, The applicant shall submit the bid conditions in the relevant certificates and fill in the shop of applying for establishment registration application form. See table 1;

2, The applicant submit to the company 4 copies of his valid id photocopy, 4copies of one inch color photo.

3, After the branch registration approval of the company, notify the applicant to get in three working days the registration documents.

4, The registration shall pay 3000 Yuan among which 2000 Yuan for the fees (no return back), 1000 Yuan for deposit, to be completed after return formalities.

5, Pay the deposit, the company sales agent contract and the applicant. See table 2

6, After the establishment, all kinds of qualification and team members should be archived data submitted company.

7, Provide qualification documents required for business operation.

revocation conditions

1, Sales of fake "nucleon" brand products.

2, The illegal business, bad faith, malicious to disrupt the market, the bad effects to the company.3, do not obey the company management, don't obey the rules of the company about the sales department management, larger assets of the company's reputation or damage.

4, Due to the subjective reasons can not complete sales department annual plan.

5, In the company's annual assessment, comprehensive performance in the last 1 to 3.

6, Other bad behavior caused serious influence to the company.

7, Conform to one of the above conditions, the company has the right to clamp down on the sales department.

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