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Analysis of the structure and composition of the product characteristics of our European hoist

Electric hoist is a small light lifting equipment, installed in the top of the crane, with a small size, light weight, usually installed in the single girder cranes, bridge cranes, gantry cranes, hanging on the crane.

I produced ND hoist according to the latest European national standard GB / T3811 "crane design specifications", referring to the European FEM standards, using the European FEM design standards development.

ND hoist overload limit, voltage protection, wrong phase protection, precision upper and lower limit, the cumulative count of the frequency of use, operation, status and fault information in real-time storage.

Control box: The main circuit can be cut off in case of emergency, and the trip up and down off the fire protection device with a stopper. Ensure the safe operation of the hoist.

Motor axis parallel to the axis of the drum hoist, the advantage of small size, height and length. The disadvantage of a large width dimension, of the packet, manufacturing and assembly complexity.

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