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Installation and commissioning

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Note: Before starting the installation and commissioning, to make known about the installation and commissioning of the hoist attached random manual transmission. Particular attention should be instructions concerning the safe operation of the crane parts.

First, install

Inspection and prepare a pre-installed

a) hoist transported to the installation site after acceptance in accordance with the packing slip, and carefully check for damage during shipping parts missing cases;

b) carefully read the instruction manual and other accompanying documents, understand the structure of the product;

c) Run the car, and the current hook introducer device generally host disintegration packing, to be re-assembled during installation;

d) remove paint and rust paint electric car tread surface;

e) in accordance with this specification Appendix Table 7, Table 8 provides for lifting and running reducer refueling and filling holes sealed to prevent leakage;

f) understand the installation site, ready to install the tools and facilities.

2 hoist orbit purchase by the user according to national standards or design their own. While installing the wheel by adjusting the screw to adjust the axial spacing between the rim and the track to ensure that there are 3 ~ 5mm gap flange

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