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Warmly celebrate Nucleon company management innovation work review meeting a complete success

Date:2015-06-17 Views:98999

In the era of knowledge economy, management innovation is the only way for enterprise survival and development. In today's world, the development trend of global economic integration makes the increasingly fierce international competition, in the harsh operating environment, enterprises for survival and development, must be the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation.

Innovation for the group in 2014 years, our company actively responded to an appeal by the group at the same time for steady lifting industry development, the company in April issued the management measures for the management of innovation proposals. After sifting hierarchy, there are more than 30 bill management innovation into the category of management innovation review.

In mid-july, administration organization innovation of management review meeting convened for the first time, the judges for tangible and intangible benefits of review with intense defense, the bill sponsor review the proposal for the company's development has a significant role in promoting innovation. Such as the standardization of "crane tender light products based on VB software development" proposal, using the ActiveX Automation technology combined with Visual Basic language to the secondary development of AutoCAD, after several months, six colleagues write 70000 lines of code is executed, after repeated testing, successfully developed a fast and convenient application, high efficiency and easy operation. Software application greatly reduced the design personnel of repetitive work, greatly improve the efficiency of the quotation, make a design personnel completely free from the heavy work, time and energy research and development of the international advanced crane. The proposal on the Nucleon company technology innovation will be a major breakthrough.



Software interface


Software applications, to promote the positive influence of all activities

Enterprise innovation and management innovation is in the guide and coordinate position of the whole comprehensive plan. Therefore, under the condition of knowledge economy is particularly important to strengthen enterprise management innovation, has been recognized by many industries, at present, the work has been in full swing, Nucleon company here, to encourage the staff to actively participate in, contribute to the improvement of the company each work render their own, also hope that the Nucleon company in management innovation on the road more walk more far.

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