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Changyuan county industrial concentration area: "raise China's" lifting industrial clusters

Date:2016-05-05 Views:98999

Changyuan county industrial concentration area: "raise China's" lifting industrial clusters

Industrial concentration area card:

Xinxiang changyuan county industrial concentration area, planning area of 32 square kilometers, consists of 24 square kilometers of lifting industrial park group and Puxi group of 8 square kilometers.2012 in 2012, the concentrated area in enterprises, employees 80000 people, the main business income is 35.5 billion Yuan, tax revenue of 860 million yuan. At present the concentrated area has been formed to lifting equipment manufacturing, automobile and parts as the leading features of the equipment manufacturing industry cluster, has been awarded the "national new industrialization industry demonstration base", "2011 top ten industrial agglomeration area" and so on the title.

A year across the country during the two sessions, people really "appearance" of changyuan, advertisement in CCTV two set of the evening, at the same time, the two appeared changyuan crane brand - SAN Weihua group and central plains.

Once upon a time, changyuan "portrait" are: agricultural big county, industrial counties served, fiscal poor, or HuangFan District, decade nine flooded, the focus of the county flood control and flood control works.

Now, let the heart of changyuan respect: industry gathering area construction in the top in the province, in this covers an area of 32 square kilometers of area, brought together 452 lifting equipment manufacturing, automobile and parts enterprises, the production of medium and small tonnage crane accounts for the market share of more than 65%, is the only provincial characteristics of hoisting machinery industrial park and the nation's largest crane equipment manufacturing base.

"Lift China" - in Changyuan county industrial concentration zone management committee, the four characters on building are particularly eye-catching.

Corporate concentration, industrial concentration, elements and intensive

In terms of enterprise centralized layout, industry cluster development, changyuan do sufficient article.

Changyuan county before thousands of private enterprises, once in several villages and towns, the land, poor infrastructure, such as traffic inconvenience factors restricted the development of enterprise. Changyuan crane industrial park to open in 2003, concentration of enterprises, the development direction of industrial agglomeration, intensive become park, many people regard it as a watershed in changyuan crane industry development.

Here comes the "golden phoenix". Agglomeration has great development.

Changyuan county industrial concentration area by magnifying the hoisting machinery city effect, aimed at lifting the industry of the world's top ten strong, the equipment manufacturing industry top ten enterprises, domestic investment to develop industrial cluster and industrial investment, attract supporting enterprises. Now depend on each other among enterprises and related, all crane accessories park can be found.

Currently, Changyuan has more than 2600 sales outlets all over the country, the production of medium and small tonnage crane of the market share of more than 65%, large tonnage and high-end crane more than 30% of total market share.

Thus, in the domestic crane industry, also with a "popular" -- like "production of changyuan, out of stock" across the country.

Concept transformation, technical transformation, industry transformation

Similar enterprises is much, hard to avoid can squeeze each other. Coupled with the domestic market saturation, the less demand in recent years, lifting industry profits fell sharply, the transition is imminent.

For investment promotion and capital introduction, project construction and such routine work at the same time, the transformation of Changyuan County also walked out of an unusual the road.

Turn on the idea.

Aiming at the existing number of hoisting machinery enterprises, small scale, low technical content, a series of problems such as weak competition ability of changyuan county in accordance with the "out of a batch of, integrating a batch, upgrade, a group of" train of thought, develop a series of policies and measures to deepen the industry consolidation.

Weihua group and Henan generous heavy machinery co., LTD., Henan mine crane co., LTD and Xinxiang of Henan province mine crane co., LTD., a crane group and Hualong pipe and so on enterprise strategic restructuring, promote combination of homogeneous enterprises. To guide SAN Weihua group, Henan mine, central plains, Henan heavy industry leading enterprises such as give full play to the brand, technology, talent and capital advantage, through mergers, joint, controlling methods such as restructuring, promote transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In 2012, through consolidation, changyuan county industrial concentration area crane production enterprises declined from 133 to 133, more than 70 small businesses in the home and backbone enterprises signed restructuring agreement.

Turn on the technology.

In Nucleon (Xinxiang) crane co., LTD., production workshop, the newly developed ND type electric hoist, accurate positioning, less parts, simple and convenient operation, and in a leading position in the technical level of similar products at home and abroad, by the market.

This is a Nucleon differentiation development way and developed a new product, but also changyuan county industrial concentration area enterprise transformation and upgrading of a microcosm.

Changyuan county established industrial transformation and upgrading of economic incentive policy, annual expenditure $30 million prize money, hoisting machinery enterprises to promote industrial concentration zone characteristics of large-tonnage, intelligent, multi-function equipment development, make the enterprise to enhance the core competitiveness.

Turn on the industry.

Car and crane belong to equipment manufacturing industry, a lot of similar or identical technology, rely on the original equipment, technology, personnel, changyuan county began to explore lifting equipment manufacturing to the auto parts industry transformation.

Erie sal buses around the world enjoy high reputation in Spain, mainly manufacturing luxury buses, in tianjin has the largest car in its overseas investment projects. Changyuan county timely, overall acquisition of this project will move to changyuan next year.

Let the Yilisal in changyuan hard to build a new project, that way we can just by buying their production line, technology, personnel, one-time buy, settled in changyuan."Planning bureau chief said Du Zhiwei changyuan county industrial concentration area.

Yilisal drove up the changyuan car industry. Henan heavy industry crane group long-term provide single and double beam crane to chery automobile, now in changyuan county industrial concentration zone investment and development for star auto parts project. Song transmission machinery co., LTD., the predecessor is a professional private enterprise do crane gear, now start the automobile gearbox.

At present, the changyuan county industrial concentration area has had 13 projects in automobile and parts industry; with a total investment of 8.67 billion Yuan. A new auto industrial park is quickly formed.

Integrating the eight service platform for the public

In changyuan county industrial concentration zone, each building European-style building compelling - this is the planning area of 851 acres, a total investment of 1 billion Yuan, a total construction area of 365000 square meters of changyuan county industrial concentration area comprehensive service platform project. This set of electronic commerce, investment, finance, product testing, technology services, business exhibition, talent training, service life, incubation and so on eight major service in the integration of public platform, will provide the project into, enterprise development to create more favorable conditions.

Service is the eternal theme in changyuan county industry gathering area development.

Du Zhiwei introduction, changyuan hoisting machinery e-commerce service platform has opened online, all hoisting machinery enterprise agglomeration zone can be through the network to carry out the raw materials procurement, product sales and other business. E-commerce platform can also collect all material demand situation of enterprises, unified procurement, reduce the enterprise cost.

The registered capital of 620 million Yuan investment group of changyuan, open up new channels of financing for concentrated area construction industry development, the establishment of guarantee funds 20 million Yuan, 20 million Yuan discount cash and 50 million Yuan project construction circulating funds, to help enterprises solve the financing problem.

The services also reflect on the talent and technology support. Changyuan county industrial concentration area invited 30 domestic crane industry well-known experts and professors of the expert guidance committee industrial concentration area, gathering area provide intellectual and technical support; Guide enterprises agglomeration zone and Tsinghai university, Peking University and so on more than 120 universities and research institutes cooperation, set up 22 at or above the provincial level technology center, the new six state-level high-tech enterprises, national science and technology plan successfully five, all kinds of 356 patents.

Changyuan, a in order to revitalize the city, a modern town, a fully functional, ecological good industrial new city is rising rapidly.

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