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Changyuan four measures and build characteristic industrial cluster

Date:2016-05-05 Views:98999

Report from our correspondent (reporter Li Hucheng correspondent Zhang Zongqiao) reporter from the recently held in the province industry gathering area construction work conference that in 2011, after 2013, changyuan county industrial concentration area was named the province's "top ten" again.

On April 30, the reporter walks into the nation's largest lifting machinery manufacturing base - Changyuan county industrial agglomeration area, see a spacious flat on both sides of the road, just vomit green trees, all kinds of flowers sending out blast a faint scent. Through the trees and flowers, greeted by a past planning in the factory the factory machines roar, running a wide variety of portal crane is being loaded shipped across the country...

The county industry agglomeration district planning area of 32 square kilometers, the area is 16.8 square kilometers, has housed 366 productive enterprises and merchants to nearly 900.In 2014, the industrial concentration area scale above industry main business income is 38.9 billion Yuan, complete the added value of 9.61 billion Yuan, fixed assets investment of 15.1 billion Yuan. The production of medium and small tonnage general bridge gantry crane account for more than 65% of the national market share. The county industry agglomeration area has won the national torch plan characteristic industry base, national new industrialization demonstration base, national science and technology industry park and so on the title.

Highlight the transformation and upgrading, lead industry cluster development. The county has launched investment promotion and capital introduction, industrial transformation and upgrading, industry regulation and enterprise strategic restructuring and other incentive policy, to strengthen, on the basis of the traditional industry advantage, increase the intensity of industrial transformation and upgrading, promote hoisting industry transformation to the characteristics of the equipment manufacturing industry. To develop the Europe type cranes, container cranes and crane electric speed reducer, electrical control of key parts and components, such as implementing the Zhongzhou parking equipment, Nucleon lightweight Europe type crane and other projects. Planning and construction of automobile industrial park, the new on the Erie sal bus, truck crane, the Yellow River, explosion-proof forklift, American Titan agricultural vehicles and so on. In addition, the traditional eisai and medical equipment industry to health and medicine industry development, anTo strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, promoting industrial cluster development. The county adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the key measures to speed up the industrial upgrading, encourage enterprises to establish industry technology innovation alliance, constructing the enterprise independent innovation system, promoting special equipment manufacturing industries to the high-end, intelligent direction. At present, the county with the nearly hundred domestic scientific research institutions (the) extensive cooperation, and cultivating technology center at or above the provincial level 22, 11 national high-tech enterprise. Founded in July 2014, led by Weihua group of Henan hoisting machinery industry technology innovation strategic alliance, has one batch of independent innovation achievements; North China hook "die forging crane wheels (fire) molding technology" become a leading domestic initiative wheel forging technology; Henan mine group "single-beam crane flexible production line" in October 2014 by ministry of acceptance.

Improve the comprehensive platform, service industry cluster development. County adhere to perfect the service platform as "a superior with belden" powerful gripper, focus our total investment of 1 billion Yuan of electronic commerce, investment, finance, product testing, technology services, commercial exhibition, talent training, service life, incubation and so on eight major public service platform. County finance to set up the guarantee fund, discount funds and project construction circulating funds, to help enterprises solve the financing problem. Concentrated area successfully organized many times of the impact of large-scale and national commercial exhibition activities, effectively help enterprises to broaden the market both at home and abroad.

To speed up the production city fusion, promote the development of industrial clusters. All-round production city fusion area, the urban construction of central business district, urban infrastructure and public service facilities to speed up the gathering area to extension, has realized the road network, electricity supply, water supply, gas supply, city bus 10 facilities such as production integration, education, health, culture, public services, such as universal coverage. To promote industrial concentration area 18 villages to concentrate in four new rural communities. At present, the concentrated area has become a main channel farmers employment and residents' income, 66% of rural surplus labor employment at home, per capita net income of farmers reached 12000 Yuan. The urbanization rate of 47.2%, compared with 2009 increased by 10.2%.

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