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Nucleon won the provincial industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprises

Date:2018-02-25 Views:98999
      Recently, good news came from Henan Provincial Commission of Industry and Information Technology, Nucleon company was named in 2017 Henan province industry brand cultivation demonstration enterprise.
      Brand cultivation is an important means of improving quality and efficiency of enterprises, helping organizations improve their ability to fulfill commitments, exert their advantages in credit, culture, management and technology, enhance customer loyalty and reputation, create brand premiums and enhance organizational profitability ability.Therefore the Company established brand cultivation and nurturing as an important direction for business development. In 2015, the Company established a brand cultivation and management committee with the chairman of the company as its top manager and the general manager of the company as its chief brand officer, taking overall responsibility for brand development and protection establishment and operation of management system.
      In 2017, the Company actively participated in the brand cultivation pilot project and the demonstration enterprise establishment. Under the correct leadership of the company, according to the relevant documents issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Company was eventually replaced by the online filing, material reorganization, system operation, expert review and so on. Then successfully identified as 2017 Henan province industry brand cultivation demonstration enterprise.
      Nucleon company will continue to be market-oriented and continue to strengthen brand cultivation and brand management, and will create a well-known international brand that makes customer satisfy, make employee feel pride and make society recognize.

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