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Total quality management" to promote enterprise steady development

Date:2015-06-17 Views:98999

Quality is the life of the enterprise, is an enterprise foothold in the market and the development of the fundamental guarantee. Stresses the quality, it is not a person, a department, must arouse the enthusiasm of staff at all levels, to promote full participation, to realize the whole process of quality control and management of the enterprise.

In order for employees to further deepen the quality consciousness, clear quality responsibility, October 13, in room 210 at Nucleon Company organization to carry out the "total quality management" training, by the deputy chief engineer Han Junfeng lecture, technology system, inspector, team leader and deputy director of the above management personnel a total of more than 150 people attended.

Han Junfeng, points out that in the training required by "total quality management" to the customer as the center of thought through to management of enterprise business processes, namely, from market research, product design, manufacture, production, inspection, warehousing, sales and after-sales service of each link should firmly establish the idea of "customer first", and not only to produce quality products, and to provide services for customers, finally make customers satisfied.

"Total quality management" to employee empowerment, to absorb the production line workers to join the improvement process, widely used in group as authorized by the carrier, rely on the team find and solve problems.

Han Junfeng stressed that there is always room for improvement, quality "no best, only better". Under the guidance of this concept, the enterprise must continuously improve the quality and reliability of the product or service, to ensure enterprise access to rival competitive advantage difficult to imitate.



副总工程师韩俊锋作“全面质量管理”培训Deputy chief engineer Han Junfeng as "total quality management" training



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The training content involves the "total quality management" the connotation, characteristics, implementation steps and so on, is advantageous to the company employees more flexibly mastering and using of quality management theory, method and technology, conscientiously improve business management level and technical level operation, constantly improve the quality of work, so as to provide the customers with quality products and services.

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