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Innovative methods improve the quality of the product

Date:2015-06-17 Views:98999

Innovation is the source of enterprise sustainable development, is the enterprise has become the cornerstone of quality. Continuous innovation and improvement of the technology method can make the enterprise in operating continuously improve manufacturing specialization degree, make enterprise core competitiveness, with the least amount of intensive labor input gain maximum quality improvement and improve efficiency.

Nucleon Company since its establishment will continue to pay attention to the new process of innovation, the development and optimization of the process equipment. LD beam welding production line, hoist sod sports car wall drill boring plane, railing standardized rectangle tube double-plate one-time hole processing equipment projects are played an important role in the process of production, to improve production quality, efficiency, etc, all have remarkable achievement.

Recently, the umbilical, small axle production line of debugging is completed, succeeded in the process of the new play out again. Traditional umbilical, small axle processing technology, after the cut off work step leaves burr and tail, or need to secondary card, chamfering on cut surface peace face; Either to choose double spindle device, in cutting process, the work-piece through the second spindle, double-sided knife tower of equipment processing complete chamfer and flat end face work step.


With burr and tail and secondary loading card processing of semi-finished products of finished product before (process improvement)

In order to further improve the work efficiency and product quality, department to develop and test Nucleon process completed a card, complete the shaft, sets of parts processing production line process: the complete small axle, umbilical external and inner hole machining, the internal and external chamfering step work arrangement before cutting, chamfering before they are cut off, effectively prevent the formation of flash burr; Research and test new tool successfully, ensure the axle after cut, the finished work-piece end generating legacy convex platform, to achieve a card, complete the work-piece machining.


A card processing of umbilical and small axle product (process improvement)

According to the program planning processing production line, and machining of each take time decreased by 50%, calculate according to the production of two kinds of parts for a year, save hours near 15000 hours a year; And with this production line higher machining precision of work-piece, also further enhance the quality of the product.

At present, Nucleon company new hoist assembly workshop information system engineering, beam line, double beam workshop line, project also is under construction, the technology innovation, management innovation under the new situation, Nucleon company is crossing the labor-intensive industry pattern, step by step towards the era of industrialization, automation, information, to improve the quality of our products and create Nucleon brand, the enhancement enterprise core competitive ability has laid a solid foundation.

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