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Technical R&D

Company directly engaged in the research and development staff of more than 120 people, and every year from Tsinghua University, Harbin industrial university, Wuhan institute of technology, 985, 211 colleges and universities to introduce dozens of outstanding graduates supply technical personnel team, the formation of domestic crane industry larger R&D team.

Company has always been adhering to the scientific and technological innovation leads the concept of enterprise development, has established the postdoctoral workstation, universal product research institute, established the technical research and development center, to ensure continuous innovation in technology. Has introduced more than 20 domestic and foreign advanced technology, complete all process technical transformation, the new promotion, new product development of nearly 120 science and technology projects, such as made, including inventions, utility models and designs, patents, 131.

Companies adhere to the "research and development generation, production generation, reserve generation, pre-research generation" of new product development principle, to continuously carry out standardization, seriation, generalization of design, with the fastest speed, lowest cost, the optimal plan in response to market demand, to keep the sustainable development of the company.

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